Larry A. Pearsall, CPA
Larry Pearsall came to Balkcom & Company CPAs, P.A. in 1997 to focus on tax planning and financial planning for individual clients and small businesses. During the prior twenty years, Larry had earned masters degrees in economics and business administration, worked for six years as an economist in Washington, D.C., and worked for a large CPA firm in Albuquerque, including seven years as a tax and financial planning partner.

Through all these experiences, one common thread had been analyzing issues involving money and communicating the results to people who needed answers. Today, Larry uses that experience to help people make decisions to improve their life. Whether the subject is a potential investment, avoiding the estate tax, picking the right insurance program, or planning for retirement, Larry's attention is on educating people on the risks and rewards of their options, helping them come to conclusions which makes sense from the perspective of their overall life. Many risks and rewards are personal, not monetary, and they deserve as much attention as the monetary ones.

Technically, Larry has an extensive background in all forms of taxation; estate planning; qualified retirement plans and individual retirement accounts; investment planning; insurance planning; and developing an overall plan for retirement. These are subjects that interact and create conflicting results. The fun is in finding the right balance among them for each unique set of circumstances. Besides working with clients, Larry has taught on these subjects many times, including a graduate course at University of New Mexico on estate and financial planning. Larry earned the Personal Financial Specialist designation from the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants in 1994, including being recognized for the highest grade earned within his national peer group.